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National Moth Week

Originally a local affair in East Brunswick NJ, Moth Week is now in its 11th year. In 2021 participants saw nearly 2,000 public and private events in 68 countries around the world on nearly every continent.

There are several participating websites where images may be uploaded, some of which are listed at the bottom of this page. At these sites the moths can be identified by experts and each record contributes to the knowlege of range, flight times, and frequency of each species observed. See the National Moth Week site for their complete list of partners.

My site of choice is Bug Guide. The images I have uploaded there represent only a single record for each species seen during the week, the pages here represent a more complete daily record of observations. Included are some images I would ordinarily not show in public but data is more important than pride.

Although 2021 was my first registered participation, I have taken the liberty of posting images for other years for which I have records.

National Moth Week at Coffin Point

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